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Ms. Alexander & Gideon

Hello…Gideon and I hope you and your family are staying  safe and healthy. We miss seeing you every day at Broad Street. Even though we are not in school, there are ways you can keep growing your brain.  There is a document called Elementary Home Engagement Activities posted under News and Announcements.  These activities are things you can do from home. Also, don’t forget your teacher’s website. Links to resources that you use at school are present. Check back daily to find out what Gideon is doing during this time off.


Ms. Alexander & GideonGideon is looking at the on-line ideas

March 19, 2020

Are you enjoying the Elementary Home Engagement Activities? How many of them have you completed? 

Yesterday I used Zoom to meet with teachers and the other principals. It was nice to see everyone's faces. While I did this, Gideon read a book. In between meetings I took him for a walk. Reading and taking walks outside are things you can do during this time off that will help you to continue to grow your brain. Gideon and I are excited to hear if you did a lot of the same things as him during this time at home. See you soon!


Gideon taking a walk. Gideon reading a book.
March 20, 2020
Hello and Happy Friday! We are officially through our first week off. Did you know yesterday was the first day of Spring? As you can see from the picture below, Gideon 'stopped to smell the flowers' that are blooming right now. He also spent some time listening to books on Epic! and doing some of the activities listed on the Elementary Home Engagement document. Have a great weekend and Gideon and I will 'talk' with you on Monday!  :)Ms. Alexander & Gideon
Stop and smell the flowers
watching Epic!
March 23, 2020


I hope you had a great weekend. Gideon and I went on walks Saturday and Sunday. He loves being outside. Today, your teacher is going to share some activities you can do throughout the day. Try your best and do what you can – nothing is being graded or collected. Gideon is going to try some of them, so check back tomorrow to see which activities Gideon did to grow his brain. Have a great day!

Thinking of you…

Ms. Alexander and Gideon

taking a breakchildren's lakestick

March 24, 2020
Hello...Yesterday Gideon played a dice math game with his favorite stuffed animal, Pineapple. Gideon won! Then they read Dogman together. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal you can read with? Finally, Gideon was tired and took a nap on his favorite chair while I did Zoom meetings. 
Do you know what tomorrow is? It is a special day...check back tomorrow to find out. 
Dogmannap time
March 25,2020 
Today is...Gideon's Birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIDEON! Check out the message Gideon and I posted and add one of your own. We are excited to see everyone!
As an FYI: you can put your first and last name initial and there is no need to enter an e-mail address. 
March 26, 2020
Thank you to everyone who made a FlipGrid video. Gideon enjoyed watching them and seeing you. He really misses being at school a lot!. Yesterday we went to the breakfast pick-up at Elmwood. Then, last evening, Gideon had a special birthday dinner and dessert, steak and doggie cake. He loved both of them. We hope you are well. 
breakfast line at EWbirthday dinnerBirthday cake
March 27, 2020
Yesterday Gideon and I zoomed with the teachers at Broad Street. It was great to see everyone! One thing Gideon and I do everyday is take a walk. It was so nice yesterday that Gideon decided to go 'Creekin' (swimming in the creek). He LOVES it. Make sure you are getting exercise during your day. 
Be sure to check out your teacher's website today for some new acclivities. Just like our body needs exercise, so does our brain. 
Stay safe this weekend and Gideon and I will 'talk' with you on Monday. 
G swimming 1Gideon swimming 2
March 30, 2020
Hello! I hope you had a good weekend even though it rained a lot. On Friday Gideon and I helped to hand out iPads and chrome books to students. It was good to see some familiar faces and Gideon enjoyed seeing Carson. Don't forget, your teacher will be posting new learning activities today for you to try. Be sure to visit their website. 
Make today a Marvelous Monday! 
G and the Tech gangG & Dr. LeidyG & C
March 31, 2020
Today is the last day of March. 
One of Gideon's favorite things to do when he's not doing the learning activities to grow his brain is eat his peanut butter bone. It's a bone that has peanut butter in the middle. (he also likes to talk walks). What do you like to do? How do you like to spend your time? Stay safe. 
G and his PB bone
April 3, 2020
Hello...Yesterday Gideon and I went for a long walk. It was very windy yesterday and there were some kids flying kites..Gideon loved watching the kite; I think he thought it was a bird. It's windy again today...Go Fly a Kite after doing the activities your teacher posts today. By the way, I have been looking at see saw and your posts; Great job completing the activities! Keep growing your brain and I hope to see you soon. 
G & Kite
April 7, 2020
Hello and Happy Tuesday...I hope you are having a great Ketch-UP week and going back to complete any of the activities you may not have had a chance to do. This is also a great time to check out Mr. Stratton, Mrs. Lucia and Mrs. Riella's pages for activities. 
Ketch-UP Week